The Secret to Always Feel Good

Man from an airplane

What’s the secret to always feel good? The secret lies in your eyes. The eye is the lamp of the body. That’s why when you always see good things, you always feel good. When you see that you look good, you feel good. When you glance at the smiles of your children, you feel good. When you watch funny videos, you feel good. When you read good reports, you feel good. Everything you envision can affect your feelings. But don’t you know that you are not only capable of seeing physical and material things? People can also look at the past and the future. Thus, if you are still looking back at the bad things that happened in your past, you will always feel bad. And if you are always worried of the bad things that will occur in the future, you will not always feel good.

Now, a person has physical eyes that see earthly things. However, we also have spiritual eyes that can see the spiritual things. Earthly or material things like money, flesh, cars and mansions perish. If we always look at these things which die at the passing of time and which can be snatched by thieves, it will only cause us insecurity, frustration and discontentment. Furthermore, if we always look at the things which are the works of evil such as greed, lie, selfishness, wrath and pride – it will definitely make us feel bad. To always feel good, we need to look at the heavenly things, such as love, peace, joy, humility, pure wisdom and truth. These things last forever, and they cannot be taken out from your hands.

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