The Secret to Avoid Poverty

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What is the secret to avoid poverty? What’s the secret to have more money? This is a short article and I will tell you directly that the secret is humility. Yes you’ve heard it right – it’s one’s ability to become humble. We all know that diligence, discipline, hard work, prudence, education, wisdom, and investing (i.e., real estate, stocks and mutual funds) can get a person out from being poor. However, many people don’t know that humility can simply attract more money and wealth. If we can observe the truly rich people, we can notice that they are humble. They are the people who have true wealth that are long-lasting. But how can a person avoid poverty by simply becoming humble?

We should remember that God gives poverty to a person to make him humble. Hence, once a person learns humility, he begins to become rich. We should realize that humility initiates all the characters that we need to become truly rich. When we are humble, we submit ourselves to hard work and diligence. When we are humble, we don’t become reckless – but instead we become careful and prudent. When we are not conceited, we admit that we still lack knowledge, that’s why we still acquire more knowledge and education. When we aren’t proud, we seek more wisdom from God. Finally, when we are humble, we don’t spend extravagantly, but instead save and invest our money. This is the simple clandestine in avoiding financial deficiency.

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