The Secret to Become Famous

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What’s the secret to become famous? The secret to fame is not riches, but it is honor. It is not strength and power, but it is selflessness and greatness. In our world history, only few kings and queens who were wealthy became famous. They are those who lived with honor. Honor gives fame to any person, regardless of whether he is rich or poor, and whether he is a king or a slave. Honor is gained by a person when he honors other people and honors God above all. It is not the honor that you give to yourself, but an honor that is given by people and an honor that is given by God. It means it is something that you need to earn by doing good things and showing love and respect to others.

Power and strength are not enough to make you famous. It needs self-sacrifice. It needs greatness and humility. Even the mighty kings who ruled the world did not gain lasting fame by ruling the world with greed and foolishness. Most of the famous people who have lived the planet are those who have introduced the sense of selflessness. This is because being unselfish is one virtue that lifts the spirits of people. It is where greatness is justified. That justification happens in the heart of a person. It is justified in the heart of the one who is ready to serve, honor, humble and sacrifice his self for the sake of his love to God and to his people.

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  1. True, unselfish thinking and action, serving God and others, lead to lasting fame, and create a legacy that outlives you.

    • Thanks, for visiting and for the comment.Let’s create a legacy that endures forever.

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