The Secret to Become Rich

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What’s the secret to become rich? The secret lies in our hands. Our hands should become faster than our mouth. Our hands execute our works. They accomplish our plans and desires.  Our actions make us rich or poor. Hence, we should walk the talk now. To become rich, we should fairly maximize our income and stop wasting our time and money. To maximize income, we need results. To gain results, we need to perform.

Now, we focus on our performance. So that we can perform the best, we need to make the best of ourselves. We can do that by acquiring more skills and knowledge that will help us to become rich. This should exclude unnecessary education that will only waste our time and money. If you are engaging in business, you should study your market and industry and always find a way on how can you maximize your profit fairly. We should also invest wisely on our every asset, so that they will always perform and contribute profit for us. If we have cash, we can invest it to stocks, bonds or mutual funds. In business, we should not also forget to invest in our employees (benefits) and customers (quality). This is because they are the main sources of our production and revenue. Profit maximization should be directed to a long-term and constant scheme. This is because temporary riches will not make you truly rich.

Now you may gain more income, but you may never get rich. This is if you will not stop wasting money and avoid spending unnecessary expenses. Many people don’t get rich because they spend on things which depreciate without leaving any long-term benefit.  Examples of these things are excessive food, drinks, dresses, equipment, gadgets, travels, communications, pleasures, vehicles, et cetera. These expenses are waste of money, as well as waste of time.  Therefore, to become rich is to work more and resist more. We should also invest in our health – because our body is our machine for work.

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