The Secret to Become Smart

Reading a book

What’s the secret to become smart? How to become more intelligent? It sounds great to be known and called as a smart guy, isn’t it? Most women want smart men. Clever women are appealing to men too. When I was still in my college days, I always wished to become more intelligent than ever to get good grades in any subjects. Everyone wants to be a bright person. But how can a person become smart? Are smart people born or made? Well, people are born, but smart people are made.

If you desire to become a smart person you need to become understanding. If you want to become intelligent in all things, you need to understand all things. Have you remembered when you have read your textbook and studied so hard to pass an examination, but still got a dull rating because you didn’t answer those questions correctly? It happened because you have not acquired understanding. If you want to be smart in mathematics, you need to understand mathematics. If you want to be smart in science, you need to understand science. If you want to be smart in the laws or philosophy, then you should understand the laws or philosophy. This goes to all kinds of knowledge.

Now, how can we understand things so that we may become intelligent? The key to understand something and be smart in it is to practice that thing. If you want to be a math wizard, practice mathematics in your actual life. You can be an actual engineer in advance. If you want to become a smart scientist, be involved in several scientific researches. If you want to become knowledgeable of the law, then read the laws and follow them. If you want to be a smart philosopher, then you must practice logic, epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and aesthetics. The secret to become smart is to be understanding, and to understand things is to put them into practice.

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