The Secret to Become Truly Happy

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What is the secret to becoming truly happy? The secret to become really happy lies on how we live. We can live by the flesh or we can live by the spirit. If we will live by the desires of the flesh: money, bread, sensuality, fame, which can cause envy, greed, selfishness, pride and discontentment – we can never achieve true happiness. On the other hand, if we will live and walk by the works of the spirit: love, peace, thankfulness, joy, and self-control – we will be experiencing true happiness.

There is happiness that lives short and there is happiness that’s everlasting. Just like the things that are in the existence – money and fame will perish but love and truth will last forever. Likewise, the body will decay but the spirit will last for eternity. A person can be happy with the riches of the world – but these will not fulfill his joy. A person can also enjoy a woman – but it will not make him free of sadness.

What makes a person truly happy is the spiritual life that should be lived. It’s not the riches, but the thankfulness we have in those riches. It’s not our husbands or wives, but the love we shared with our husbands or wives. It’s not the fame we can have, but the honor we have. It’s not the power and authority we earn, but the peace and harmony we attain. It’s not even the life we have, but the confidence we have – the confidence that we can live forever in the kingdom of the One who gave our life.

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