The Secret to Becoming a Great Teacher

Students in the park

What’s the secret to becoming a great teacher? The secret is finding the hidden language of your students. This is the language that they understand well. It may not be heard by our ears, but is heard by our minds, hearts and souls.  This is the language of life of a particular person. This is the channel where you can deliver your teachings to people effectively. Are you teaching young people? Teach them in the language of the young. Are you teaching old people? Teach them in old language. Are you educating males, educate them in men’s language. Are you educating women? Teach them in feminist language.

Are you teaching good people? Then teach them in kind language. Are you teaching bad people? Are you thinking of teaching them in bad language? Don’t do that. Bad language is not their true tongues. They are just conquered by outside evil forces. The way to teach them is to free them from forces and restore their true language – restore their true life. After helping them and reinstate their lives, they will submit to you and be opened to the things you will teach to them. This is why if you can’t find good language and life in your students, you should consider that they are lost. The best thing you can do is to help them find and restore it. Finally, as a good teacher, you are not there to judge your students. You are there to enlighten your students, to give them the right knowledge, and to save your students.

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