The Secret to Changing Your Life

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What is the secret to changing your life? The secret is “spiritual rebirth”. Yes you’ve heard it right and frank – it’s the regeneration of your spirit. You don’t need to be religious to understand this, but you need to be spiritual to fathom the principles behind it. This means you must start to depart from the desires of the flesh, such as greed, lust and envy; and instead value things that last forever, such as love, joy, thankfulness, justice and righteousness. You need to understand heavenly things, as much as you understand the natural things. In other words, if you value your face, you should also value your identity.

To be spiritually be born again, you should regenerate all your spiritual senses, as well as your physical senses that are directly connected to them. You need to have a total rebirth. Particularly, you should have a new vision (eyes), taste (tongue), speech (mouth), smell (nose), listening (ears), thoughts and knowledge (brain), feelings (heart), speed and direction (feet), and actions (hands). All of these should be changed because if you’ll only transform some of them, the other parts will still influence the others to return to their original state, consequently putting in vain the process of your total transformation. By modifying all parts of yourself through spiritual rebirth, you can transform your whole personality – and your entire life as well. This is the secret to changing your life.

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  1. hmm, well. Very insightful. I choose to focus on goals rather than on esoteric concepts of self-perception. Each person chooses their own path.

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