The Secret to Contentment You’ve Never Heard Before

Happy and contented child

What is the secret of contentment? Rich or poor, hungry or full, lacking or abundant, and ugly or beautiful… a person still suffers from discontentment. It seems that people never become satisfied in life at all. Isn’t it possible for a man to become contented during his lifetime? Of course it is possible for a man to become contented, happy and fulfilled during his days on Earth. The secret to that lies on our insight. Before anyone can get a good insight, he or she must first have a good knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is the result of our deep understanding and justification of things within our inner selves – within our emotional, mental and spiritual traits. It also leads us to practice those things in a consistent manner.

Now this is the point. We know that God can give us contentment; but we don’t understand and practice godliness. We know that love gives us true happiness; but we don’t understand and practice loving. We also know that thankfulness gives us satisfaction; but we don’t understand and practice gratefulness. In other words, most of us are only limited to knowing. We don’t persist to go to understanding and practice – we don’t get insight.

Now to have contentment, we need to know and be able to answers the questions about God, love and thankfulness. Then we should have wisdom to discern the true God, love and the act of being thankful. After that, we should practice and understand godliness, loving and thankfulness. Finally, we should be able to unite this knowledge, wisdom and understanding to get insight that will give us the power to continue and enjoy contentment in life. This is the secret to contentment. If we don’t have knowledge, how much more can we have wisdom, and understanding… and insight? So don’t be left behind, we should all act now!

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