The Secret to Cure and Prevent Diseases

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What’s the secret to cure and prevent diseases? What’s the secret to heal sickness? To cure a disease, we need to determine the cause of that disease and get rid of it. That’s why we go to the doctor who can initially detect illness caused by physical irregularities and microorganisms such as virus, fungi and bacteria. Going to the medical experts is advisable for the reason that they are proven to detect and heal frequent diseases. However, there are also times, when medicine cannot cure one’s illness, or even just detect what is causing it. This is because all ailments are not just caused by organisms or disorders which are detectable by X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, stethoscope or a microscope.

Today’s medicine is not yet fully matured. Most practices of treatment still pass on difficult and risky processes – consider chemotherapy for cancer patients. However, advanced technology such as Nanomedicine promises more effective and efficient way of curing diseases. There is even a development of nanoparticles that can destroy cancerous cells without hurting the body’s healthy cells – an advantage over chemotherapy which destroys both the cancerous and healthy cells of a person causing risky side effects to the body. As human discovers more the advantage of the unseen things such as atomic particles, their knowledge and capabilities are also increasing. This is proven in medicine by the nanotechnology.

Now, the secret to cure disease seems to point on the unseen things: from the microorganisms, and now from the atomic particles. It seems that the more it is unseen, the more it is effective and powerful. But the secret to heal an illness do not ultimately found on the atoms, it is found on the more invisible things – the spirits. What many people don’t realize is that most diseases are caused by bad spirits. This spirits are not the ghosts you see in the movies. These spirits are the spirits that your mind and heart produces. These bad spirits are your lack of self-control, gluttony, drunkenness, greed, hatred, violence, sadness, uproar, laziness, pride and other wickedness that cause us curses in life. The antidotes of these things are the spirits of discipline, kindness, love, peace, joy, diligence, humility, thankfulness and righteousness that brings blessings to ourselves and health to our body.

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