The Secret to Effective Leadership

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What’s the secret to effective leadership? How to effectively influence and lead people? The secret is a combination of great virtues that a leader must have. A great leader should be strict, yet at the same time gentle. He strongly upholds their rules and policies and set himself as a good example. Though he stands firmly on the rules, he calmly rebukes his followers.  A great leader is just, and at the same time open for mercy and forgiveness. He gives worthy rewards, but he also gives grace.

The secret to effective leadership comes also in action. It’s not just strategic planning or talking, but it’s more on executing.  It’s about diligence more than intelligence. It’s about winning the war than winning the battle. It’s about fulfilling more than winning.  Effective leadership puts the people in unity and harmony. The great leader does these by binding all the good principles, values and attitudes through love.

Effective leadership is effective servicing. It means the effective leader is an effective servant. He is the first, but he is the last. This means he lead, but he humbles himself. A good leader is quick, but he is slow. This means he is a fast thinker, yet a slow and prudent speaker. He is strong, yet he is soft. This means he is powerful, yet he is peaceful. A great leader is a receiver, yet he is giver. This means, he is helpful, and also generous. That’s the secret of an effective leader – a combination of great principles, values, attitudes, knowledge and skills uniting in a perfect harmony. If a leader can unite and harmonize his own virtues, how much more of his people?

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