The Secret to Effective Marketing

What’s the secret to effective marketing? Marketing is vital to any business (small, medium or large) to achieve high revenue and income. It is also one of the most important key in retaining clients and customers and creating lasting relationship with them which lead to cost efficiency and business stability. If you are a businessman, entrepreneur, or someone who offers any products or professional services – effective marketing should be the apple of your lips.

When our college professors taught us about marketing, we have heard about the four Ps of marketing: price, product, place, promotion. These elements are prominent to marketers, as well as to business owners. However, what is not always realized by many people who venture in business, is that the 4 P’s of marketing should also be applied using another P of marketing, which is “proportion”.

Marketing is not only promotion, advertising or the spread of information about your business. It also involves product, which should be produced with the right quality and must provide solutions. It also includes the consideration of the product’s price, which determines its value. Then, it should also consider the place where your consumers access your products. Applying only some of these elements and not in complete harmonization could result to ineffective marketing. Hence, a proper mix or proportion should be done on these four elements. A high price not proportioned to high quality product is a mess. Also, a high quality product not well promoted or is poorly accessible is like a golden treasure hidden in the middle of the jungle. Therefore, the secret to effective marketing is the ability of a person to balance the proportion and mixture of these marketing elements.

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