The Secret to Eternal Life

Man at sea facing the sky

What’s the secret to having eternal life? The simple secret to eternal life is the power to live eternally, which is given to us by God as a gift. Humans alone don’t have the power to live forever, but God has offered us the gift of eternal life. We are created with a weak and lowly body, which is susceptible to sins. But God intends to glorify our body forever if we will do His will. With our mortal body, we are facing death. But God brought us salvation and we need to work out that salvation. We need to have faith by calling and believing in Him. Our belief should be justified in our hearts. It can be justified by knowing Him. Knowing Him is knowing His commandments. We need to love God and loving God is obeying His commandments.

To work out our salvation, we need to be humble – for God gives grace to the ones who have humility in their hearts. The grace of God is very important for us to obtain eternal life. This is because the grace of God forgives our sins and offenses. It gives us blessings after blessings. It is a gift not based on our works, but based on God’s abundance of kindness, humility and love. God has loved us first; He always want us to inherit eternal life. The secret to eternal life is loving God in return. We can start that by knowing and truly believing in Him.

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