The Secret to Every Successful Relationship

Boy and girl partner for life

What is the secret to a successful relationship? It’s the passing of all tests and differences in a relationship. Every relationship, to last long, should pass all the tests and troubles. People on that relationship should reconcile their differences and walk in the light of unity and harmony.

It’s true that opposite attracts. Good people are partnered to bad people. Those who are humble are partnered to those who are proud.  Lovers are paired to those who are not. There is a great mystery on this pairing. The reason I conceived is that… the Creator has intended this to harmonize all people in the end. This happens  so that the righteous may save the wicked eventually. However this attraction only occurs initially. Opposite attracts only in the beginning.  And as their relationship goes on, they should reconcile their differences. They should unite and harmonize in the side of love and truth. Because if they will not, they will only break apart.

In a relationship, the strong should give strength to the other. It’s not the weak who should give weakness to the other. The lover should share love, not the hater should consolidate hatred. The humble should share humility, not the proud sharing pride and arrogance. In other words, the persons inside the relationship should hold their hands in nurturing their good attributes while eliminating their weaknesses. They should not fight each other, but join their hearts and minds to battle the things that will tear them apart. They should pass all the tests.

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