The Secret to Everything in the Universe

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What is the secret to everything in the Universe? What is the origin of the Universe? Where did the Earth, moon, the stars, the galaxies, humans and everything that we see came from? All that we see, from your hands to everything that it touches, are composed of building blocks called atoms. Like this article that you are reading now, it is composed of letters, which can be formed to words, then words to sentence and sentences to paragraphs.  Scientists can study the far away galaxies and quasars by studying the properties of atoms, which form molecules, and finally form to matters and elements. In this article, the readers study its meaning by understanding the letters which form its words, and words to sentences and phrases.

Now, if you can notice, the smaller and the nearer to invisibility humans can go and comprehend, the deeper and truer the knowledge and understanding they can attain. When scientists discovered atom and its sub particles, the knowledge of astronomy and physics have substantially increased. Just like a Chinese man, who’s because of his learning of the English alphabet and construction of the English words, can now read this article.

But though scientists may have discovered the smallest particles, they still can’t fully understand the Universe. Just like the man who became fluent in the English letters and all its language, he may still not understand this article. This is because spirits are the truth. There are no more invisible things than atoms, than nucleus and electrons, and than protons and neutrons – but spirits. Matters exist temporarily, while spirits are permanent. The Universe, the space, and time are created by God and His Spirit through the Spirit of Wisdom. Even a person who is an expert in the English texts and words, if he is natural and unspiritual… he will hardly understand this article. Even if you’re good in English and Literature, if you don’t have the spirit of love, you can hardly understand a love letter. Therefore, to know and understand everything, you got to go to the spirits. Why not start with your own spirit?

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