The Secret to Fight Boredom

Picnic grove in Tagaytay Philippines

What’s the secret to fight boredom and how to beat it? How can we make times become lively moments? People get bored when they are trapped in a certain place, space or time – having nothing in mind to do interestingly. We all experience boredom, and we all want to get rid of it. When I was trapped in the rain in an area near downtown, I have felt boredom. So I tried my best to fight it by thinking ideas on everything that my eyes have seen around the place.  I can’t help myself questioning why life seems to be boring sometimes, and even often. All things that live seem to get bored. Human beings walk upright, dogs and cats run so fast, snakes crawl, fish swim, and birds fly – these living creatures who can move from one place to another can still be bored anytime.

Then I saw other living things around. I saw trees and plants. They live, but they can’t walk, run, swim, and fly on their own. They only stay in one place – unless they are carried. Then I start asking again. How do these trees and plants fight such great boredom? Then I realized and answered myself, maybe they fight boredom by keeping their selves growing up and producing more on their own on the same soil. Their secrets to deal with boredom are independence, resourcefulness and productivity – they can be applied to all creatures.

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