The Secret to Fighting Depression


How to really fight depression? What is the secret to combating depression? Usually, when we are depressed, we resort to crying, expressing with other people, eating, and going out for vacation. But the secret to overcome despair is this. It is not only by crying but also by making people smile, not only by talking but also by listening, not only by eating but also by feeding other people, and not only by traveling but also by finding your inner self.

Just like a storm (tropical depression), depression is naturally inevitable. It will land to us no matter how we built our home. Emotional and mental depression, if not managed, can be destructive to us and even to the people around us. Hence, all that we can do is to prepare ourselves and overcome it without leaving us any of damages.

To deal with depression without causing us harm, we should make it futile. We should know and realize that the purpose of depression is to weaken us, make us irritable, unhealthy and unprofitable. The secret to beat it is to destroy its purpose. But to defeat it, we should build ourselves with strong foundations such as patience, wisdom and righteousness. Patience makes us resistant; wisdom guides us to the right decisions; and righteousness moves us to the right actions and positions. This is just like building a strong house where you can still have good sleeps at night even though a powerful storm is passing by.

So the next time you will be hit with depression, try a sweet smile to make other people happy; try to listen instead of just talking and talking; try  dieting instead of unhealthy eating; and try meditating and reflecting instead of just escaping. By doing those actions, you can say hello to depression without being hit with any kind of injury.

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