The Secret to Find a True Lover

bench along the blue sea and sky

What’s the secret to find a true lover? If you are looking for someone who will truly love you; someone who will be faithful and honest to you; and someone who will make you happy – then you got to find him or her in the places where true lovers hangout. We don’t find a whale on the branch of a tree, nor a chicken below the blue ocean. Hence, we need to determine where the true loving people usually go around. Will you find them dancing and drinking in the wild parties? Are true lover men found in the house of prostitutes? Are faithful women found in the gambling house? Of course not! So where can we find them? Can we find them inside a temple or a house of worshipping? The answer could be yes or could be no – it’s not absolute. We can still hear many people going to a local church but still don’t practice love and kindness to their neighbors.

Love is a spiritual thing. Hence, true lovers are spiritual people. These people are not under the nails of earthly things such as money, lust and fame. That is why you cannot see them spending most of their time in casinos or night clubs. You cannot also be sure to find them in the material church where many people worship in hypocrisy. The secret to find a man or a woman who can truly love is to find them in spiritual places. How about searching them in places where charity and humility is? These people spend their time feeding the children in the orphanage, comforting the sick, preaching the truth, helping the oppressed, and sharing their possessions to the destitute. You can see them using your spiritual eyes. So if you want to find a true lover, don’t be spiritually blind.

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  1. It’s the best advice I heard in ages to find a true lover. I may add to it if you have love in your heart and you still believe in the truth of love even after your heart is broken many a times then even if you are in the loneliness of your home true love will find you…

  2. BrainStorm

    Thanks Rumio for your great additional advice. More power to your blog.

  3. Eunice Aragon

    I agree what this website said. I am so confused how to find a true lover. i think this is a great Idea… Thanks.


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