The Secret to Finding Happiness in Your Life

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How to find happiness in your life? What is the secret to finding real happiness in life? Sit back, relax and I will tell you things that probably you have not heard and known before in your entire life. You might have landed on this page in search for happiness. Perhaps, you have search the keyword “happiness” in the search engines or somebody has referred you this article to make you happy. Happiness is great because it can give you a good and rewarding day to day living. Joy makes your life simple and uncomplicated. Furthermore, cheerfulness makes your mind clear, your heart pure and your body healthy.  That is why constant happiness is one thing that everyone could ever want. So how can you find happiness?

Forget about finding happiness
Forget about finding happiness; instead, concentrate finding the things that produce happiness. Happiness is a by-product. Hence, to be able to produce one, you must produce the main product. Happiness is a by-product of love, contentment, faithfulness, thankfulness and other virtues that produce it. This means that if you don’t have those virtues, you will never be really happy. So rather than asking yourself why I’m not happy, why don’t you ask… why are these things aren’t making me happy or what are the things that can make me happy? If you are not happy now, it’s because you lack the spiritual things that produce joy and happiness. Moreover, if you don’t have happiness, it’s because what you have, are the dark things that produce sadness, such as pride, anger or envy. You must also remember that sadness and grief are by-products. Therefore, even if you don’t want sadness, as long as you produce the main products that produce it, you will have it whether you like it or not.

The inverse relationship
To be truly happy, we should become spiritual and know the things of the spirits. We must understand that there is an inverse relationship between the material world and the spiritual world. Matters perish but spirits remain. Lasting happiness is found on the spiritual things, while temporary gladness is found in the physical things. Hence, if you want constant joy, you must focus on spirituality rather than materiality. Do you know that happiness comes from contentment? Yes, of course you know that. Do you know that you must be contented on the material things that are in your possession right now? I also bet your know that. But do you know that to be able to become really happy, we must not be easily contented with the spiritual things that we have? To simplify the equation, it means that to become truly happy, we must easily become contented on the material things that we have, while become not easily contented on the spiritual things that we have. In other words, we must learn to become contented on the things of the world, such as our physical looks, money and fame. At the same time, we must also learn to continue and not stop on seeking the things of the spirits, such as love, compassion, forgiveness and humility. Moreover, we must not be worried to lose any material things in seeking for the spiritual things. This is because if we have the spiritual things, the material things will follow.

The secret to finding real happiness in your life is simply not to find happiness, but instead find the things that produce it. The existence of happiness is dependent on love and other virtues that create it. Just like a by-product, you cannot produce it, without manufacturing the main product. Is it sensible to manufacture a cell phone casing, without manufacturing the cell phone itself? Of course it isn’t. Finally, producing happiness is not as easy as being contented with the material things that you have now, but it must go with your constant passion in searching and producing the spiritual things and virtues that make it.

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