The Secret to Get Rid of Evil Spirits

What’s the secret to get rid of the devil and evil spirits? The secret to drive away evil is to defeat him in his contest. Evil spirits are just around the corner, waiting for some souls, especially the wicked ones to be their victims. The goal of the devil is to tempt you and snatch you away from God. To get rid of him, you need to resist and overcome all of his temptations. It’s like defeating him in a game of tempting and resisting. If you can resist all the temptations of the devil, the devil will leave you.

Now, how can you resist all the temptations of the devil? How can you resist the desires of the flesh, such as riches (greed), sexual pleasures (lust), power (iniquity) and fame (pride and envy)? What you need to do is to always be closer to God and embrace His truth, wisdom, righteousness and love. By the light of truth, we can recognize what is godly and what is evil. By wisdom, we can be able to decide what is right and leave what is wrong. By righteousness, we can do what pleases God and avoid what displeases Him. Through love, we can have perfect patience, unlimited hope, and powerful faith that will help us overcome all the temptations of the devil. So, in a battle with the devil, are you gonna be a winner or a loser?

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