The Secret to Have a Bright Future

Hands pointing to the sky

What’s the secret to a bright future? What’s the secret to live a good life in the future? The secret is light.  We need to light our ways as early as possible. This means we need to have knowledge that will able to give us the ability to see the futures. If there is a bright future, there is also a dark future. And if there is a good future, there is also a bad future. Bright tomorrow leads to a good tomorrow, while dark tomorrow leads to a bad tomorrow. Right knowledge can be obtained now, if we will only seek for it. The earlier we find it, the earlier we see the future. The earlier we see the bright future, the faster we can achieve it. If I have only known this wisdom in my teenage life, I’d rather work for my bright future than indulge in the pleasures of that stage of my life. This is why I encourage the young ones, to start building their good future while they are not still old.

Although mathematics cannot solve all the problems of life, it can be used to project your future. Equations provide us the knowledge and information that give us precise navigation. They point us to the right direction. They guide us to achieve the correct destination. They help us avoid wastes and minimize risks. All we need is time, energy and work. Time is always running. Light needs source of energy. Your source of energy is your willingness to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the future. To have a bright future, you need to put that time and energy in a working action. Future does not occur in the future, it happens now. Today’s future is not a future in the future. Therefore, working your future is working now.

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