The Secret to Have Abundance and Blessings in Life

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What is the secret to having abundance and blessings in life? It is the constant practice of righteousness. Blessings are rewards, and therefore are based on our works. It is the opposite of curse or punishments which are the results of sins and wickedness. Blessings are the product of justice and obedience of universal rules, laws and commandments which promote morality and righteousness. When we do things, the result can be a blessing or a curse. Blessings are for the righteous, but curses are for the foolish.

Works need decisions – and in every decision we make, there is a consequence that is waiting for us. Just like the results, it came from our performance. If we perform well, we bear good results. On the other hand, if we perform badly, we get bad results. The income we gain comes from our good performance; while the loss we incur comes from our weak performance.  Abundance in blessings comes when we are upright and always make the right decisions.

Righteousness comes when we depart from evil and sins. It is obeying the very foundation of all laws and commandments – which is love. When love works, we become prudent and humble. We become enduring, diligent, rejoicing always in the truth. When love works in us, we bear good works, and we bear blessings. This is applicable to everything we do. Whether it is matters of business, finance, health, career, family, society, leadership, and spirituality.

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