The Secret to Have Good Physical Health

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What is the secret to good physical health? The secret is wisdom to good health. “Health wisdom” is the realization of the knowledge of good health and the ability to make the right decisions and judgments to attain it. A person should know how to attain proper health. He should also know how to apply that knowledge, resulting to making the right decisions and actions towards excellent health.  Many people know how to become healthy, but most of them only realize the importance and uses of that knowledge when they become weak, sick and needing to cure their diseases.

Our body, from head to toe, should be a great part of  our awareness. If we don’t know our body, we don’t know our selves. That’s why, to love our body, we should know it. We should befriend and value our body – ourselves. Furthermore, we should listen and think for our body; and we should care and act for it.

Befriending our body is one simple secret that many people don’t know. We should befriend all the systems and parts of our body, such as our muscles. We should be friend our stomach. We should not force it just to fit in all the foods and wines we want to indulge because of gluttony. This will only give us excess body fats. When our eyes are tired, when our legs and hands are exhausted – we should give them the adequate rest they need.  We should not also put bad thoughts in our brains and minds so that they will not suffer. Likewise, we should not also place bad emotions and feelings in our heart, so that it will not experience despair and misery.

Our body always sends help messages to us – starvation, exhaustion, sleepiness and pain. We should always listen and act for them. They also send gifts and thankfulness to us – strength, speed, joy and calmness. We should value them. Therefore, let us always have a great relationship with our body, so that we and our body will enjoy spiritual harmony and a good physical health.

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