The Secret to Have Security in Life

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How to have security in life? Security in life comes when we have integrity in life. This is the simple secret. Security in life can be financial, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In the financial world, security in money and finance exists when we have financial integrity. Financial integrity means, we are financially capable – liquid and solvent. It also means we are financially responsible – paying our debts and amortization on the promised time, faithfully remitting our taxes payable, and cheerfully compensating our workers. Being financially capable and responsible gives us financial integrity that gives us good sleeps every night.

Physical security also arises when we have physical integrity. This means we are not enemies of our own body, but great protectors of our body. When we take good care of our body (i. e., having proper diet, regular exercise, getting enough rest and relaxation), we become assured that our body will be secured from weakness and diseases.

We should also have emotional integrity. This is achieved by having a healthy heart which possesses love, peace, calmness, kindness and gentleness. We can also have emotional integrity if we avoid hurting other people’s heart. Emotional integrity gives us great relationships like friendship and family relationship which strengthen our security in life.

Problems become a threat to our mental security. That’s why we should know how to avoid this by maintaining our mental integrity, which is the state of having a peace of mind. We can have peace of mind by living in the light of truth rather than deceit and fraud.

Finally, we should also see to it that we have spiritual integrity to enjoy spiritual security. We can achieve that by having fear in the Lord and by obeying His commandments which are meant to preserve and promote kindness, morality, truth, love and eternal salvation. We should listen to our conscience and stay away from wickedness, foolishness and shame – which are the things that can bring us to destruction.

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