The Secret to Influence and Persuade People

What’s the secret to influence people? What’s the secret to persuade them to do something? The secret is to give them knowledge, wisdom, understanding and insight. To influence people, you need to make them believe you. To make them believe on something, you must place that thing in their mind or make it part of their knowledge. To let them know you or know your thing, you should tell those things to them, either verbally or written depending on the most appropriate approach. After they have known you, you should become part of their wisdom. That is, you should become their choice. You can become their best option by showing them that you are the best among the others. However, there are still other people who will not choose you even though you become convincing in front of them. This is because they will still doubt a thing which they have not yet experienced. To solve this problem, you need to make them realized and understood you. You can do that by giving them a sample or a taste of experience.

Now, after making people knew you, favored you, understood you, and tried you… few of them may still not be convinced. This is normal because, many people are worried on their future.  What you need to do is to give them insight. You should give them a sense of direction in the things that are coming ahead. You can do that by having a trusting and lasting relationship with them. Finally, you can start that relationship by showing them sincerity, patience, humility, responsibility, care and love.

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