The Secret to Long Life

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What’s the secret to have a long life? The secret is a combination of diligence, self-control and honor.  Diligence gives us prosperity and keeps us away from starvation and poverty. A diligent man also produces everything that he needs to live abundantly – lacking nothing that he needs to walk on Earth. He is also a person who is fruitful and able to give the needy ones. He is like a tree that bears plenty of fruits for everyone – a tree that should continue to grow and never be cut off to the ground.

Self-control is another important ingredient that we need to have longevity in life. Self-control or self-discipline gives us the ability to resist life hazards such as gluttony, drunkenness, smoking, sexual immorality, and indolence. All of those vices are medically and scientifically proven to destroy our  health and the wellness we need to have a longer life. It also provides us the skills in managing emotional, mental and spiritual sickness such as stress, anger, envy, pride, fraud, desperation and other things that weaken our minds, hearts and spirits. Moreover, self-control leads us to discretion and making every right decision in life.

Honor also stretches the lengths of our lives. Such honor is the honor we give to our parents, to our neighbors and to our Father in Heaven. By honoring our parents, we protect our clan and extend our length of living. By honoring our neighbors, we get lot of good friends who will defend us till the end. Finally, by honoring God and always doing what pleases to Him, we can have the confidence that God will also honor our lives – giving us the promise to live longer on Earth.

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