The Secret to Make a Person Love You

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What’s the secret to make someone love you? Every one of us wants somebody to love us. That person can either be our friend, parent, children, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or someone else. But typically, the persons we want to have a love for us are seemingly the ones who don’t show real love to us. The problem is that we love these persons and we can’t leave them, despite of the sufferings we always experience with them. If you really love a person, who seemingly don’t have a love for you, but you want that person to love you because you can’t leave or let him / her pass you by – you need to give that person a pure and incorruptible love.

You need to love a person so that he / she may love you. Does it sound easy? It sounds simple but so difficult to do. The secret thing and the one that most people don’t know is the true meaning of loving. True love is pure, incorruptible, undying and never evil. If a man says he loves someone, but is being impatient, dishonest, vengeful, rude, slothful, and selfish to that person – that man is a liar. To make someone love you, you should be a perfect model of a person who loves. Love unites and binds all the good virtues of a person: kindness, patience, gentleness, honesty, joyfulness, peacefulness, thankfulness and self-control. Thus a person, who truly has love in him, should have these virtues united in him in perfect harmony. You should also be ready to sacrifice something that is very important to you to touch someone’s heart. Remember of an Almighty Father, whom because of His great love for the people, had sacrificed His beloved and only begotten Son for the grace of their salvation. He had first shown His great love to them. And now, the people, who have known and believed Him – love Him in return.

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