The Secret to Overcome Fear

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What is the secret to overcome fear? The secret is this: not all fear should be overcome. There is a good fear and there is a bad fear. The good fear is the fear of the Lord, and the bad fear is the fear of evil. The fear of the Lord leads us to righteousness and life. On the other hand, the fear of evil leads us to foolishness and torment. If you fear neither good nor evil, you still fear evil – because darkness and lawlessness is evil. In other words, there is no such thing as “absolute no fear”. Thus, we should know what fear should we overcome and what fear should we remain. So we choose to remain the fear of the Lord, while we choose to overcome the fear of evil.

When people fear the Lord, they obey Him. This is because they are afraid of His punishments. That’s why they do what pleases Him. They practice love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, humility and truth. On the other hand, when people fear evil, they stick with him. This is because evil overcome them. That’s why they do and follow what makes him laugh. Because they fear poverty and starvation, they become greedy and unselfish. Because, they are afraid of torment, they become impatient. Because they fear physical death, they lie and become unjust.  To overcome fear of evil and his works, we should have love of God. This is because if we love God, we can have knowledge of the truth – and truth is a light that overcome darkness. If we love God, we have faith in God. True faith in love overcomes the fear of losing the food we eat, the house we live in, and even the life we breathe. Perfect love banishes the fear that brings torment while it keeps the fear that brings joy.

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