The Secret to Overcoming Procrastination

Time on hand

What is the secret to overcoming procrastination? How to overcome this habit of suspending tasks and actions to a later time? While this personal behavior can give us bits of relief from the pressure, anxiety and stress brought by doing certain scheduled actions, it can surely affect our personal and professional productivity. It can reduce our chances to attain success in our every goal, such as our objectives to maintain a healthy body, enhance our career, build a successful business and have harmonious relationships with different persons (e.g., family, friends, clients, bosses, employees and even to God). Thus, if you are suffering from habitual procrastination, it is very important to raise your red flag and do your best effort to get rid of this counterproductive behavior.

The secret word
So what’s the secret to conquering procrastination? The secret word is simply “importance”. It’s not an instant magic but it is something that you acquire, choose and stand for. It’s hard to delay things, actions and events that are very important to us and those that excite us. This is because our enthusiasm, passion, time, energy and concentration are directing to them. Just think of any task you had in your past that is very important to your life, did you procrastinate it? Does a woman who is very excited to marry the love of her life want to delay her wedding? Of course not! Importance or value goes with love. Love is knowing; and knowing helps us to choose the right things.

How to do it
To overcome procrastination through importance, we need to start in having the knowledge on the options and decisions we face every single day. Then we should have wisdom to analyze and understand those options. We should not be lazy in the process of selection. We must be prudent to choose the best decisions – those which we can stand no matter how it takes because those decisions give so much importance in our lives.  Just like breathing, we don’t delay it because we know it is very important to keep us alive. So don’t waste your power and privilege to choose so that you will not see yourself stuck in the midst of insignificant decisions that cause you your procrastination.

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