The Secret to Pass any Kind of Examination

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What’s the secret to pass examinations, such as CPA, BAR, Nursing and other Board or Licensure exams? I will tell you my personal secret in passing the CPA Board Exam, which you can also use to pass your own examination.  My secret is precise confidence. This is the kind of confidence that should be strategically planned and executed. Passing any examination, no matter how difficult, is not impossible. Confidence is already well known to benefit any person to succeed in any endeavor. But confidence, with precision, is more powerful.

What do you feel when you ride in an airplane? Especially when it’s your first time, you will feel nervous and frightened, thinking that you may fall in an altitude thousands of feet away from the ground. Many people are afraid to travel through an airplane because they think they are helpless above the clouds, and falling from there will surely cause their lives. But the fact is: there are even more people that are killed by car accidents than by airplane crashes. Air travel via airplane is safer than land travel via a car. The secret is… precision. Airplane trips are managed in precision from airport to airport. Therefore, I am more confident to ride on a plane rather than on a car.

Now, how is this plane travel related to passing an examination? Both need precision to accomplish success and completion. Air travel is difficult and very risky but through the accurate systems of air transport, it becomes an almost perfect journey. In passing any examination, no matter how hard it is, if we have the accurate and precise procedures, systems and programs – we can have the true confidence that will certainly bring us the success in passing any exam. Without confidence, and without precise confidence, taking an exam will always be a risky journey. But if you will have a strategic plan, clear goal, systematic procedures, and timely actions… you can have the accurate confidence that will bring you safely to your destination – that’s hitting more than the passing score! Therefore, build your confidence…with precision.

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