The Secret to Self-Confidence

Confident man

What’s the secret to self-confidence? The secret is something that should not be hidden. The secret is none other than love. If you love yourself, you will rejoice yourself in the truth and not in hidden darkness. If you love your talent and skills, you will boldly present them. If you love your face, you will always face and give smile to anyone you meet. If you love your body, you will stand straightly. If you love your family, you will honor your family’s name. If you love your husband or wife, you will be happy to introduce them to the society. If you love your kids, you will be respectable to them. If you love your school you will do your best to win for them. If you love your company or organization, you will work seriously.

If you love your country, you will always guard and protect your citizenship with guts and confidence. If you love your principles, you will courageously stand for them. If you love your capability, you will lend your hands extensively. If you love your life, you will live life fully. If you love kindness and generosity, you will share and give without worrying of losing your possessions. If you love God, you will always give glory to Him. If you have love, you will banish all the fears that torment yourself. If you have true love, you will even have confidence on the Day of the Judgment. Therefore, to earn self-confidence for life and for eternity – give true love.

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