The Secret to Stay Positive

A man sitting near the bay

What’s the secret to stay positive? How to remain optimistic despite of the negative happenings around you? To remain positive and optimistic you need to be thankful. Yes, it is thankfulness that will make you stay positive. But how can we become thankful despite of the misery and troubles we experience in the days of our lives? The answer my friend is to wake up from your spiritual blindness. Our world has become blind of the spiritual things that we should always be thankful of. When typhoon comes, when earthquake occurs, and when death happens… we call them acts of God. But when the sun rises, when we hear birds still singing, and when we still wake up in the morning… we forget to call them acts of God.

When people don’t love us and they hate us instead, we use to ask – where is the love? When people hurt us and aggrieve us, we use to ask – where is justice? When poverty and starvation strike us, we use to ask – where are the blessings of God?

But isn’t love should start from us? Isn’t true love an act of no return and without question? When people hurt us, isn’t mercy and forgiveness more than punishment and revenge? And when we become poor and hungry – isn’t God has blessed us, by giving us the chance to continue life? Isn’t this a grace from His love which allow us to breath the life, even we are not worthy of? Why it is that despite of the many sins and wickedness we have committed in this world – God still let the sun shine on us? Isn’t it because He is always positive with us? If He is always positive with us, then why can’t we?

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