The Secret to Success

People climbing the ladder to success

What is the secret to success? Many people fail, but only few succeed. This only means that to attain success, you need to become extraordinary – not only ordinary and usual. The roads of the successful man are the ones that are less traveled. His works are the ones which are not usually done by others. His attitudes, values and principles in life are those which are not found in common people.  He is not normal or abnormal – he is paranormal. He is not just physical, but also metaphysical and spiritual. He has creativity, strategy, cooperation, solution and execution. He has wisdom, understanding and insight.

Success is created and accomplished, not copied and pasted. It is a achieved by always making the right decisions. Therefore, to be successful, one should have wisdom. Wisdom is the ability of a person to judge and make the right decisions based on the realization of his knowledge. Understanding is the practice and execution of that wisdom. Insight is the guarantee and continuity of that wisdom and understanding in the future to attain and sustain success. Many people have knowledge but only few have wisdom. When few people have wisdom, fewer have understanding. How much few are the ones who have insight? Now, that is the secret to success – to be extraordinary. Remember that most people do not succeed because most people are proud, physical, liar, procrastinators, selfish, envious, uncontrolled, impatient, reckless, short-tempered, ungrateful, and sinners.

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