The Secret to Win More Friends

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What’s the secret to winning more friends? If you want to make a lot of pals, you need to have precision. You need to determine the right kind of buddies you want to befriend. You also need to know what kind of friend you are. This is to assure that you can have lasting friendship with people. There are two kinds of friends – good and bad friends. Good associates last but not bad associates. Likewise, good friendship endures while bad friendship perishes. Hence, you need to precisely find good friends or those who are good in nature. Then you also need to make yourself a good friend to them. Friendship that consists of two good friends lasts forever.  Friendship that is composed of a good friend and a bad friend will struggle and will be uncertain – either the good one will be corrupted or the bad one will change for good. Companionship that is composed of both bad friends is a catastrophe.

Good persons win more friends. This is because they offer more benefits than the opposite. They are light to handle, soft to embrace, fixed to hold on, bright to see, clear to be heard, and quick to call. A good friend is humble, patient, unselfish, serving, caring, true and loving. The secret to have more friends is to be a good friend and find more good friends.  Associating with bad friends will only alter your good character. That’s why you need to target the right people to be your friends. You cannot win more friends by making friends with people that distort good friendship. Don’t waste so much time joining with bad friends if you will only become one of them and will be destroyed in the end. There are lots of good friends out there. If you are a good pal, and if you can find more good friends, you can win more friends.

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