The Secret to Win the Lottery

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What is the secret to win the lottery? The secret to win lotto is not to lose in lotto. For most of the world’s 6/49 lotto system, your chance of winning is 1 in every 13,983,816. Hence, when you bet money to win for the jackpot, you are already a 13,983,815/13,983,816 or a 99.9999928% loser. If you bet 1$ each day, you will 99.9999928% lose approximately $365 in a year and $3,650 in 10 years. The problem is that you will not only lose money, but you will also lose hope in getting rich through diligence and patience. This is because you have already putted your hope in the winning of the lotto jackpot. When you put your hope in winning the lottery, you will lose your zeal and enthusiasm in working diligently and finding more particular ways to get rich and become a millionaire.

Getting rich instantly is exciting. However, wealth obtained quickly is usually gone quickly. On the other hand, riches gained gradually are long-lasting. Also, money achieved instantly and without works, doesn’t bring honor. If you win the jackpot in the lottery, you will collect millions of money from millions of losers – that’s not something you can be glorified of. Therefore, to win the lottery is to defeat lottery. To not lose in lotto – is to not bet your money in lotto. Finally, to win yourself and win people, you need to have honor, wisdom and diligence to obtain true wealth that last for life and forever. The chance to get truly rich is 1/3 or 33% – to choose what is right, choose what is wrong, or to choose nothing.

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