The Secret to Wining a Competition

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What’s the secret to winning a competition? To emerge as victorious in a game or competition you need to be wise. If your competitors are wise, then you need to be wiser than them. To be wise is to realize your combined knowledge, understanding and insight and use them to make the right judgments or decisions. To have knowledge, you need to know and have information about the whole competition, which includes the competition, you and your competitors. You can do that by researching, reading, listening, watching and even by spying. From these acquired knowledge, you need to understand them. You can understand them by practicing them. From the knowledge and understanding you will gain, you must have an insight. Insight is the ability to foreknow things. With this, you will become competitive, not only in the present time, but also in the times ahead.

When you have already knowledge, understanding and insight, you need to use them to come up with the right decisions. With your knowledge from the past, understanding of the present, and insight of the future – you can make the best game plan. This game plan will be your secret weapon to winning the competition because only you or your team knows about it. To achieve victory, you need to stick to this game plan and resist any distraction (negative or positive) that will ruin this plan. You must have a strong discipline and overcome any temptation that will destroy your plan. But when an opportunity comes, as long as it is according to your plan – grab it like a wolf waiting patiently for his prey. Be wise, have the best attitude, and make it a habit!

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