Three Simple Secrets to Increase Your Reading Speed

increase reading speed

It doesn’t matter if you are a student with an overflowing list of homework and materials to read over the weekend or if you happen to be a capitalist who needs to read through some tomes, YOU will be a lot better off if you can increase your reading speed and become better at grasping the subject matter. On a happy note, it would only take you a few weeks to more than double your reading speed, so don’t delay in getting started because in the end you will reduce amount of time you have to set aside for reading those mind-numbing textbooks.

If you’re trying to become a speed reader, it makes sense to first measure your present reading speed. It’s hard to measure your results unless you know your starting point. You can either take a speed reading test online, as there are plenty of them available, or you can do it manually. Setting a timer to go off in 3 minutes is a simple way to time your reading speed; use a book that the average adult might read for your test. Keep reading until the timer goes off; just read at your normal pace, as that’s the point of this exercise. Count up the words and calculate how many words you read per minute. If your results are average, you’ll find that you read somewhere around 200 or 250 words per minute, but you can easily get faster.

Instead of just seeing words as words, if it happens to be an action word, for example, you should see the action in your mind’s eye, instead of the word. This is vital because your mind will then grasp the idea that you don’t need to read every word on the page, which will have a dramatic impact on your reading speed. Once you understand how to do this, instead of concentrating too much on each printed letter, you will begin to develop images in your mind, from the words. It is almost as if you are making a movie in your head and it won’t take long to find yourself reading more speedily and absorbing the information a lot better than before.

The typical way to read is to focus on every single letter and word. You may think that this is how to understand what you’re reading, but this actually isn’t the case at all. Rather than taking in individual words, you’ll find you can read faster and more efficiently by absorbing chunks of words together. Most people find that this takes time to master, but if you practice you’ll soon learn to take in a sentence at a time rather than just a word or letter at a time. The more you practice reading in chunks, the easier it will be for you and you will also find it easier to understand the key message when you aren’t overloaded with “filler.”

Becoming speedier at reading is not enough. Boosting your retention and comprehension rates is another thing you need to do.

Highlighting or underscoring the key points of the text you are reading is the simplest maneuver for doing this. We are not saying that you should make every page jump out at you with too many notes and highlighted marks. You need to focus on the important points. As soon as you have completed the text, you can go back through it and read the portions you underlined, again. Then, put the text aside and do something else, preferably something not related to studying. This will give your subconscious permission to internalize the subject matter you read, so then you can return to it after an hour. Your subconscious learns to internalize the materials you read and then you can come after an hour to get back to the materials. You’ll see that if you use this strategy, your reading speed and comprehension levels will increase quite a bit.

Improving your reading speed is not necessarily a matter of learning new skills. You need to replace your old reading habits. Similar to subvocalization or regression therapy – you simply need to move the old technique out and replace it with a more efficient technique to help you read fast. Repeat this: your index finger is your friend! The faster you move it, the more quickly you will absorb the material. You now have the ability to read faster than you could prior to reading this article. Just implement the techniques, and you can start saving time and reading more books.

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