What is the Secret of Life? It’s Not Love!

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What is the secret of life? What is the meaning of life? What is its purpose? How are we going to answer such colossal questions? But the approximately 93 billion light-year diameter of the observable Universe itself is one vast realm, yet we find answers to its mysteries by studying the tiniest matters in the forms of atoms and its sub-particles. So are we going to study DNAs and cell nucleus to discover the secret of life? Yes but we are going to analyze more than that. They are not even considered secrets these days since they are already widely known and even studied by children in schools. And if we are going to focus on these chemical substances, aren’t they also found on cats and dogs? Aren’t we more than our pets and other animal species? Life is larger than the Universe.  It will exist even after the end of time and space. Since life is greater than the cosmos, this means we are going to consider things which are smaller than the atomic particles. We are going to study things at a zero scale – the spirits.

When a person creates something, let us say a sophisticated creation like the computer, who knows the secret of the computer? Isn’t it the person who created that computer? What is the purpose of the computer, isn’t it to serve its creator? What is the essence of the computer? Isn’t it to do the will of its user? But we aren’t computers, we are humans and we do have freewill, unlike any supercomputers which only think and do what their users want them to do.  We are very special beings, who have the capability to choose between what we think is right or wrong. We are far away greater than anything that is created in the Universe for we are composed of spirits. We exist not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual realm. Spirits last forever. They are invisible and cannot be split like matters.

Now here is the secret of life. The secret of life is not just to be known but also to be understood. The secret of life is not only to be felt but also to be practiced. It is not actually a secret, for the One who created life has provided us the answers. We don’t need to go to the highest heavens to hear it. We don’t need to dig into the deepest abyss to read it. It is written in every benevolent books of the world. It is taught in every spiritual gathering. It is the reason why your parents bear you life. It is the reason why a Supreme Being has designed you a very unique life. It is the root of all divine laws. It is the foundation of all the laws of humankind to make our world a better place to live. Isn’t the secret of life the spirit of love? Not really. Almost everyone knows it, and almost all of them have tried it. The secret of life is not just love. The secret of life is not just loving. The secret of life is a “life spent in loving”. Loving is a practice we should be practicing for all of our life. This is because the purpose of life is to have a love that is perfected on us. This perfection will bring us to a life without death, an eternal life – the true meaning of life.

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