Why Do We Always Blame Others?

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Why do we always put the blame on others?
Why blame other people and other things?
What’s your evidence that they deserve the blame?
Let us consider the following.

Why call money the root of all evil?
It only exists to facilitate trade and exchange.
Isn’t it the love of money which is the root of all evil?
Who loves money? Tell me your name.

Why blame the rain when you get wet?
Why blame the sun when it burns your skin?
Why blame the winter when it makes you shivering?
Did they blame you for doing nothing?

Why call life to be unfair?
Do you know the meaning of life?
Isn’t it us who make our lives?
Isn’t it unjust to life to call him unfair?

Why do we blame God for our sufferings?
Why do we always blame Him for the earthquakes and storms?
Aren’t you grateful for keeping you safe while you’re sleeping?
Have you thank Him for waking up with a new day every morning?

Why do we always despise the government?
Are you not part of the government?
Why don’t we help ourselves?
Help the government to progress!

Why point your finger on your wife or husband?
Isn’t the two of you considered as one?
Love is all about sharing joy and grief.
So why don’t you claim your share of blame?

Finally, why totally blame yourself and punish it?
Are you clean to have the right to punish anyone, including yourself?
Why not blame the devil and depart from him who has conquered you?
So that you’ll be saved from the judgment when the Holy One comes.

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