Why Knowledge and Wisdom are not enough

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Being both knowledgeable and wise is one great achievement every man wishes for. Of course we can’t deny the fact that knowledge alone is power, while wisdom is the ability to make that power accurate. Hence, the combination of knowledge and wisdom within a person forms a superb capability that every human might achieve. But what if I tell you that knowledge, wisdom, or the fusion of the two is not enough to help you succeed in life and in all your great goals?

The importance of knowledge
Knowledge is vital in our every endeavor in life. It is what we know based on our experience or education of the facts or situations. Our wisdom relies on our knowledge. This means that the more we know, the more we can make the right judgment or choice. Knowledge includes our principles, reasoning and beliefs. It also eradicates people’s ignorance, making them more aware of what is right and what is wrong. Simply, knowledge is very important because it is where our wisdom is based – it is where we pick our right choice or the best decision that will bring us to our success.

The importance of wisdom
Many people desire to have wisdom, but unfortunately, lots of them fail to grab it. One main reason of this adversity is that most people who like to have wisdom don’t even know what it is – they can’t even define it. Do you have an idea what wisdom is? Wisdom is the ability to make accurate choices or judgments based on our knowledge. It is the power to discern righteously. If knowledge is power, then wisdom is the sure power. Wisdom is very essential to humans because it is the ability to pick the right choice that will lead us to success, and even to real happiness.

So why knowledge and wisdom aren’t just enough?
Simply, having the right choice is not enough. In other words, having the power or the accurate power is not sufficient to achieve full success. This is because we still need to act on that choice or put that power into action. Knowledge and wisdom are not enough because we still need to combine them with understanding and insight. Understanding is our ability to put our choices into actions, while insight is our capability to practice these actions consistently. Once again, if knowledge is power and wisdom is getting accurate power, then understanding is using that power and insight is ensuring that power to be used continuously in the future.

A short yet important reminder
In order for us to succeed in all our ways, we should not just focus on acquiring knowledge and wisdom, but also concentrate in obtaining understanding and insight. Thus, if you are sluggard to achieve both knowledge and wisdom, remember that you still need to attain two more difficult-to-acquire abilities. I am talking about understanding and insight.

Knowledge + wisdom + understanding + insight = accurate power that is working constantly

I hope I have given you an enlightenment that will help you light your way to success personally, economically, professionally, entrepreneurially, biologically and spiritually. If you think that this post is good, please spread the good news by sharing it to the social site buttons below. Thank you and see you in my next posts. Have great days always.

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